Skinny Coffee Club

This is the new Instagram rave, a coffee that promotes weight loss. The real question is does it work? The main ingredients in this coffee are of course caffeine which has always been a weight loss ingredient, along with antioxidants and matcha! I have had the honor of trying this coffee and it’s pretty much amazing! It gives you tons of energy as does any coffee and has an amazing flavor. I love sweet coffee so I had to put my usual zero calories zero sugar sweetener in it. This coffee has given me a lot of energy and definitely took away a lot of bloat by the second day of using it. I’m now about two weeks into using it and have noticed a huge difference! 

I’m currently at the beach on vacation and have been drinking it since I got here to keep me energized and feeling less bloated with all the yummy food I’ve been eating. 


Vegetarian Bikini Body Meal Plan

So it’s that time of year to really cut down on the carbs, sugars, and calories. Usually I do like a bikini competition diet which consists of egg whites, spinach, chicken, steak, and protein powder. BUT this year I can’t even stand the thought of chicken or any meat! Like it literally makes me want to throw up. I think it’s from my diet I did about three months ago which consisted of chicken and steak all day everyday and I got burnt out on it. So this year I have changed up my diet and I’m going to let you all know the exact plan! But beware this is a very low calorie and low carb diet so it is very risky and dangerous. Please don’t be stupid while doing this. 

This is a picture of all the food and protein into MyFitnessPal. As you can see the calories are only at 460 which some may say is considered starvation. Which I really don’t care because I’m not about to look like a whale in my bikini🐳 

With the salad I use Walden Farms dressing as you all know it’s my favorite for everything! The snacks AKA protein shakes I eat two hours after breakfast and two hours after lunch and you can use any protein that is low carb. The Morning Star veggie burgers are seriously amazing! They have different types you just have to find one you like. They can be bought at Save Mart, Winco, or Food Max. Walden Farms can be bought at Sprouts.

L’Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free

I’m so excited about this review! I was sent the L’Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate Free products for free to review and wow am I happy about it!

  These products are amazing! The first thing that stands out to me is that the products are sulfate free. Since I wear hair extensions that is my number one must have in any hair product. Sulfate will ruin my hair extensions! My favorite product from this line is the hair mask! It’s so amazing. It reminds me of the it’s a 10 hair mask but the Loreal one smells ten times better and is cheaper, yay! I also received the repair and damage hair lotion which is awesome! You put it in your hair while it’s still damp and it leaves such a beautiful shine to your hair without making it greasy. I put this on before I style my hair as well and it works great as a protectant against heat. I definitely recommend these products and will most likely keep buying them in the future! 

Orange Dream Sickle Review

Being on a high protein diet can be horrible if you don’t choose the right products. Nobody wants to drink the same old vanilla protein shake every single day, so I’ve been on the quest to find the perfect protein shake. I recently have heard a lot of rave about the Dymatize Orange Dream Sickle protein powder. I ordered mine from because it is a lot cheaper.

 The container states take one scoop for one serving but as you can see from the picture the scoop is huge so I just did half a scoop. 

This protein is only 110 calories, 1 carb, and 0 sugar which is so amazing! It is made of whey protein which is great for building muscle specifically. The taste was amazing as well. It literally tastes exactly like an orange dream sickle ice cream. This is by far my favorite protein flavor so far! 

Daily Beauty Regimen

My daily beauty regimen is actually really quick and simple. I have oily combo skin so I can’t wear a ton of piled on makeup or I will look disgusting. My typical morning starts with washing my face, I use any kind of blackhead fighting and oil free face wash. I then apply my Becca Ever Matte primer and let it sit for about ten minutes so it can really soak up all the oils on my face. 

I then take two different foundations and mix them along with a highlighter. I use the the Lumene Finland BB Cream because it’s super light weight, glowy, and has SPF in it which is a dream come true. The problem with BB Cream is you get a ton of oil and shine so I mix in the Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte to give it that extra matte finish. I also mix in the Loreal True Match Lumi highlighter in the color Golden. I like to mix this in because it adds a nice bronze glow to the makeup.

Once I apply all of that onto my face, I then like to use the Benefit High Beam on my cheek bones, nose, and chin to give a pretty sparkle to my face and highlight the areas that need it the most. Once all is applied I then dust on some Bronzer, one of my favorites is the Tantastic Baked Bronzer. Be careful with this bronzer though because it is very shiny and messy. 

The next part is actually kind of weird. I bought this root lifting spray from a brand called Essence Ultime and it didn’t work well with my hair so I was going to throw it out. Then an idea came to my head and I used it as a setting spray. I will never use a different setting spray again in my life. This stuff works better than any setting spray I’ve ever used and it smells amazing!


How to escape the Psycho Stalker Girlfriend

We all have that one girl that is just freakishly obsessed with us. She will go above and beyond to make you look bad because she’s jealous of you and can’t stand it. She will degrade you and make up crazy stories about you on social media, she will make fake accounts to follow you and see what you are doing in life, she will know your entire life story even though you have her blocked on everything, and worst of all she will think that you want to be in her shoes. She is called the Psycho Stalker Girlfriend and no matter what you do, you just can’t escape her. 

If you are like me and have this problem then look no further because I am here to help! I randomly get on Facebook or Instagram and there she is writing about me and posting about my boyfriend and my life. It’s the most terrifying thing I can go through, knowing that no matter how many times I block her, her boyfriend, or anyone associated with her, she still finds a way into my life. So I developed some great tips on how to keep her away.

1) The most simple, yet hardest tip. Ignore her. She’s irrelevant and chances are she’s obsessed with you, your body, your looks, your boyfriend, husband, life, car, career, etc. 

2) Keep your social media private. This is hard for me because I have to market my blog a lot and that requires me to keep it on public mode, but for those of you that don’t have that worry, then please keep everything on private mode. The best part is, it will piss her off even more.

3) Delete her friends. Keep them off your social media. They have no business knowing your business and you have no business knowing theirs, so what is the point? DELETE DELETE DELETE #accessorystalkers 

4) Live your life! If she is that crazy and obsessive that she goes above and beyond to talk about you, stalk you, or try and bring you down then she is probably jealous of your amazing life. So the best thing to do is to live it and let it be known how happy you are. Even if you follow this one she will still have it stuck in her crazy psychotic mind that you want to be her and have her life. Let her think that, because everyone and their mothers’ mother knows that is 100% not true, but we can all use a good laugh.


Official juicing update

I have completely stopped the juicing diet as of two days ago, I have just been too busy to post about it. I quit doing it for many reasons. The biggest reason was I didn’t see any real weight loss or good results, I actually gained weight from the juicing diet. It was also extremely expensive and the taste got really boring after a while and I didn’t feel like it helped my energy level at all! I am sad to say that this diet is a complete fail and isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. With that being said I’ll be looking for a new diet to try out and review for you guys, so any tips are greatly appreciated 🙂 Also I would like to thank you all for giving me so many views and follows it’s pretty amazing!

Juicing update

Well turns out juicing is a lot more expensive than I anticipated. I just wanted to update you guys on how I’ve altered the diet to be less expensive. The first four days I had already spent 60 dollars on ingredients and that is just ridiculous when you are a college student and have much better things to spend your money on. So I’ve decided to just have one juice in the morning and then one small meal which consists of chicken breast and peas or green beans whichever I choose. I will update you all again in about two weeks with some progress 😊

Green Juicing

I am starting the Green Detox Juice diet. Basically you drink five to six glasses of this green juice. There are different recipes out there but I chose this specific one because all the celebrities use it and it is supposed to be very healthy. It is filled with spinach, kale, apples, parsley, and cucumber.

 This diet is actually very safe and effective because you are getting plenty of the daily nutrients your body needs in order to survive. I am going to be doing this diet for the next month or maybe longer depending on how bored I get. I will post the results in a month. This isn’t just for weight loss this is supposed to help clear skin, take away all blemishes, give your body a great glow, and give a lot of energy to fuel your body. Since I was already on the clear liquid diet this should be a pretty easy diet for me to follow. I am mostly worried about snacking because I absolutely love snacking! I made the juice today to see how I liked it and it was actually really delicious!

  Model Lily Aldridge swears by this recipe and juicing all together so hopefully it is all its made up to be! 

I had to buy a juicer since I have never owned one. I got the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer at Target for only 60 dollars! It’s amazing, it works really well the only down side is how loud it is but I guess that’s expected.