The Perfect Chicken Breast

When I cook any kind of meat I get super scared that I won’t cook it completely which causes me to over cook it. Chicken is the main source of protein in my diet but it can really suck eating dry over cooked chicken. I finally found the perfect way to cook chicken breast without... Continue Reading →


12 Week Mini Cut

Whenever I want to lose weight for an event or in this case summer I do my twelve week mini cut. It’s really simple to follow and easily enjoyable with the right recipes. I also love doing this plan because I can slowly add in more carbs to it without gaining weight once the twelve... Continue Reading →

Fitspo motivation 

Whenever I'm feeling unmotivated and don't care about being skinny anymore I just look at these pictures. Sometimes it helps to just look at the almost impossible and wish for it so much that you work ten times as hard to get it.            

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